Coaching General

A Remote Perspective During Uncharted Territory

Like many of you, the good fortune of being able to work from home provides a flexible work approach to getting things done. I now more than ever see that it is nothing to complain about especially during this time in our nation. I am often asked, with an extroverted personality, how can one work […]

Coaching Mentoring

Mentoring in a time of “Social Distancing”

So, when asked, why do we mentor folks in times of crisis? the response is simple. It’s not when everything is fine that you need support, its when times are difficult, and others are looking for you to rise to the occasion. On those occasions mentoring works, since it demonstrates that a support system is […]

Business Coaching Mentoring

Using Mentoring to Explain “Sorry–I’m not Sorry”

Why do we apologize at work, for things we feel strongly about? With the uses of social media, I have come to notice that the filters we use on Snapchat and Instagram, have created a subtle contribution and importance to the phrase, “putting your best face forward”. What a powerful tool filters are in today’s […]


Executive Coaching: Reflect, Take Notice and Self-Correct

Efforts to Engage Leadership Coaching and executive leadership requires passion and purpose for the people we serve and the public policies by which we are guided. Successful leaders understand and educate themselves on the ever-changing demographics and perspectives within their organizations, which includes supporting our leaders who engage with their employees. The National Forum for […]